About alterimage

alterimage home furnishings came about after a visit to a local Eco Fair - a drab affair in beige & brown, no colourful inviting displays to entice. 

Seeking colour at this rather bland affair, my lifelong passion for colourful fabric, rich textures & beautiful ball gowns had finally found a purpose! 


Armed with scraps begged from a local dressmaker, bits cut from ball gowns, second hand curtains & sari trims, the first colourful cushion covers emerged. All made from repurposed fabrics!

Looking for work just short of retirement age is serious cause for concern,

“old bones for sale...won’t run rings round the younger staff, will need time off to look after grandchildren, walk the dog & attend regular hospital appointments!”

Oh the job centre will love me!

Besides, what about my trusty companion Jess? employ me, employ my dog. Then there is her companion, Dave the rabbit….Jess goes to the office with me each day where we keep Dave the rescue rabbit…

” give me a job!”

I have always had a sewing machine, but I've never won an argument with it, I've hemmed curtains patched spinnakers & I once made a set of 3 cushion covers from 2 skirts & a trouser leg….

A bit of interesting stuff in here



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