An exiting day out with Evie & Ally

August 7, 2017

It was raining cats & dogs when we set off for Seaton station just after 10am. Evie had to wear one of my old raincoats to keep dry. Our heads were bent against the wind & wet as we dashed up the lane but when we arrived on the northbound platform, the sun came out & by the time we boarded the train we were miraculously dry!
The train brought us to Newcastle just in time for Ally. Travel sickness is her thing but a bright blue bubble gum ice cream en route to The Haymarket brought them both back to their usual hyper-active little selves.

By the time we climbed the steps of the Great North Museum little eyes were on swivel stalks for 4 hours of dinosaur bones, ancient Egyptians & rudey Greeks! We picnicked in hall 2 & spent an age choosing bits of gem stone from the shop before a good play on the lawn. 




It was a long tired walk back down towards the Quayside until, as if by divine intervention, a pop-up stall appeared ahead of us, dispensing free cans of zero Coca-Cola. Hyper-activity was resumed once more & a good half hour at the beach passed in the blink of highspeed sand castles & super charged digging. By 5:30 we were ready for the short walk back under the bridge & up the hill to El Torero for fabulous tapas, mixed salad, chorizo in wine, beans & ham & a delicious plate of patatas payesas.

For afters, chocolate bombe ice cream with a caramel centre served with chocolate & strawberry sauce. All swilled down with forbidden wonder drug!

The children were super hyper by the time we arrived on the platform for the 7:30 home. Running round in circles, climbing the notice boards & turning cartwheels on platform 6. The 55min journey home  passed in fits of hysterical giggling, handclapping games & made up songs about rudey Greek statues. The crowded carriage cringed but couldn't help smiling & the conductor burst out laughing every time he walked past.

By the time they reached home at 9pm they were hopping from foot to foot & fizzing as loudly as a freshly opened coke can, but hey, that was their mothers problem, I had had a fabulous day out!  





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